Testimonials - Amanda Lucus

As a former Queensland Firebird, and a netballer for more than 15 years, I have experienced my fair share of training with a variety of strength and conditioning coaches. Each has brought with them their own unique training styles, activities and personality. There are those who pull on the ‘dictator’ cap and scream their way through a session, there are others who can barely string two words together and show more interest in the equipment than the humans, some bluff their way through a session with charm and laughter, and then there exists a unique group of trainers who know their product, believe in their work and extend this confidence onto their clients to achieve optimum results. Andrew King, or ‘Kingy’, falls into the latter category.

Kingy’s professionalism is driven by a determination to achieve results which is evident in his thorough planning. Clients are trained in an organised and deliberate manner but are able to maintain their enthusiasm courtesy of the variety of activities introduced. Circuits, cone drills, ball work, skipping and agility pole activities all play a part in Kingy’s training methods however he is consistently mindful of his clients’ needs and tailors sessions accordingly.

Kingy is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable strength and conditioning coach who goes out of his way to support his clients. He extends this interest in his clients, including some of Queensland’s top-ranked netballers, to outside work hours where he’ll often attend matches or big events. His concern for those he trains is obvious and he appears not to be happy with his work unless his client is happy.

Amanda Lucas


To contact Kingy phone 0411 485 251 or email andrew@kingy.com.au
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