Testimonials - Jo Kent


My name is Jo Kent.

I Have been training with Kingy since September 2008 and have loved every session. Every week I look forward to training with Kingy. His level of professionalism is outstanding and his technical knowledge is never short. But that is not the reason I drive an hour each week to see him even though there are trainers close by me...The reason I do this is because Kingy has always made me feel like I'm "his special client." I know that he has a busy schedule that is packed with clients all day long, but my 45 minutes is MY 45 minutes, and he lets me know that. He never makes me feel like a stranger, he is my mate.

He always makes me laugh and gives me the motivation and support I need to get me through those hard training sessions. And whenever I have done an exceptional
session, lifted my personal best weight or just put in that extra effort and worked extra hard, I can always expect a message the next day to tell me how well I went. I would recommend Kingy to any of my friends or family.

Love The Body You Live In - Jo



To contact Kingy phone 0411 485 251 or email andrew@kingy.com.au
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