Testimonials - Miron Bleiberg

As Head coach of Gold Coast United National League football team I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew King (or as most know him as Kingy) since the start of our pre season campaign.

During this time Kingy has been assisting our head strength and conditioning coach with the conditioning and rehabilitation of a number of our squad members to get them back to peak playing condition.

His knowledge is industry leading, and his passion and enthusiasm is evident in the way he interacts with squad members and coaching staff.

From what I’ve seen of Kingy, his concern and interaction with the players demonstrates that he’s only satisfied once the individual and team are at peak performance. If a full time head strength and conditioning position became available I would be more than happy to offer it to Kingy.

Miron Bleiberg
Head Coach
Gold Coast United football team


To contact Kingy phone 0411 485 251 or email andrew@kingy.com.au
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