Public Speaking & Lecturing

Kingy can be found teaching, inspiring and motivating people around Brisbane, Australia at various Institutes and speaking & coaching events.  In the past he has done several chats in the corporate world, including with companies such as Connell Wagner (now Aurecon), HRG Worldwide, a number of Fitness professional Institutes and various charities including the Abused Child Trust.

Kingy delivers part time lecturing to students looking to become personal trainers and has also delivered chats on various topics related to the fitness & well-being industry and goal setting, tailor-made to your organisation.   For example: "Treat your body like a Ferrari" and "This is your year - how to make something of it!". Funny, amazingly knowledgeable, and passionate are just a few words to describe Kingy when he delivers his wealth of experience.


To contact Kingy phone 0411 485 251 or email
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