Interested in a career opportunity in the health and fitness industry??

We are currently looking for trainers who believe they possess all the following qualities to become a member of Team Kingy and work with some of best in the business:

  • Passionate and Happy
  • Action Orientated
  • Coachable and adaptable
  • Always leaves a profit
  • Business and fitness professional

Team Kingy is a leading and nationally recognised team of personal trainers, kick boxers, power lifters, Olympic Weight lifting coaches, massage therapists and strength and conditioning coaches. Being a part of Team Kingy is the closest you can get to starting your own solo fitness business without the solo part! Essentially you own your own fitness business, as a Personal Trainer, whilst having a solid and experienced team holding you accountable to your on-going success, personal and professional development every single week. As a sole trading Personal Trainer you have the freedom to choose who you train, when you train and ultimately what you earn! Therefore creating the lifestyle you want. Whether that means being a full-time trainer with 50 investing clients each week, or a semi-part time trainer training 10 clients, this is an ideal environment for both scenarios. Systems are set in place, necessary paperwork is provided, on-going education and development is given and a fully equipped, spacious and very functional gym/studio is available for you to run your business from. Only a short five minute walk from Central train station situated in the heart of Brisbane City.

If you think you possess all these qualities and would like to find out more in regards to jumping on board Team Kingy and creating the lifestyle you want. Then call 0411 485 251 or e-mail Kingy PT NOW.


To contact Kingy phone 0411 485 251 or email
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